Knighton Normal School



Application Forms

Partial Immersion Unit                                  Te Hihiri Application Form.pdf

Out of Zone Enrolment                                 OOZ Application Form.pdf

Before & After School Care Forms                  KASP 2017 info and form.pdf  

Go to the "Before School, After School and Holiday Programmes" page on this website for the next holiday programme forms.

Forms for Parents
- Consent form for administration
       of medication                                        Medication Consent Form.pdf

- Volunteer Disclosure Form                          (G) vol hel___ disclosure.pdf

- Student Technology Rules Form                   Student technology rules 2011 ex cybersafety.pdf

- TelstraClear - support the school with
      TelstraClear & Intelligent Rewards           TelstraClear rewards form.pdf

- Invitation to attend family
       Dental appointments                             waikids.pdf


Sun Smart Policy                                     
Sunsmart Policy accredited May 2016.docx

2016 ERO Report                                     Education Review Office Report 2016.pdf 

Hireage of school turf                               Rules for Hireage of Turf.pdf

Headlice treatment                                  Wet combing method for head lice treatment

Headlice Information                               Information about head lice
                                                             Ministry of Health Pamphlet head lice information

                                                   Link to TV 1 Seven Sharp interview about head lice treatment 8/8/17