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Sports Information


Knighton School Cancellations = We leave a message on our answer phone - 856 5393 - by 2 pm and tell the children if sports practices are cancelled or our grounds are closed.

Coaches also cancel practices from time to time and we ask that ALL sports coaches let the school office know, by phoning 856 5399, before 2 pm so that we can tell children, put a message on the answer phone and send out a message on the school App.  Our school App can be downloaded for free.  On an iPhone or Android device, go to or search Knighton Normal School at the App Store or Play Store.

Sometimes if we have had a lot of rain, our school grounds are closed even if the weather is fine. Therefore it would pay you to check our answer phone each day after 2 pm during the winter if your child has a sports practice.

Game Draws & Results

The weekly Cricket draw and game cancellations can be accessed on the Hamilton Cricket website, or on their Facebook page oc

Inline Hockey
The 2017 term 3 season is underway.  The draw can be seen on   or click here.

We will have several Football teams which are co-ordinated by Stephen Hine of the Knighton Junior Football Club.  Coaches and/or managers will notify families of game times and locations.  (Winter sport only).

For the weekly Hockey draw go to   From this page click on 'mini' at the top of the page and then go the 'draws' link on that page. 

The 2017 season starts Saturday 6th May and finishes Saturday 26th August.  The Knighton Lightening team practice on Thursdays at 12:45pm and the Knighton Thunder practice on Fridays at 12:45pm.

Miniball teams playing in the term 3 competition. You can access the draw online at have 

NOTE: It pays to have a final check of game times the night before in case of any last minute changes.

The weekly draw for Netball  games will be posted on the window by Room 1 each week.  See game calendar below or you can also access to weekly game times and results, at click on Fixtures/Results

Knighton Netball Goals

Our goal at Knighton is to grow the sport of netball and our philosophy is based on fun, participation, skill development, teamwork and healthy competition.

We offer the opportunity for children at Knighton to play in a netball team from year 4 to year 6 and this year we will be introducing Fun Ball to year 3 children.

Each year level has a slightly different netball focus:
•    At year 3 we offer fun ball a fundamental skill development programme.
•    Year 4 players are introduced to the netball game.  Here it is all about having fun, participating and learning ball handling skills and teamwork.  Games are always on a Thursday afternoon.
•    At year 5 we develop the game more.  Teams are put together based on mixed ability.  We work with the strengths of players who have previously played, while also supporting new players to grow their game.  Coaches try to further develop skills, introduce the idea of positional work and game understanding.  Games are always on Thursday afternoon.  
•     All of the Year 6 games are played on a Saturday and are a lot more competitive than the Thursday afterschool games.  This competition follows the rules of the game and players start to specialise in a certain area of the court e.g. shooting, defence or mid-court.  We tend to trial players during pre season training sessions and aim to have strength based teams and development teams.   Although we don’t put a lot of emphasis on the score, we ask the players to develop their competitive spirit and to also talk about how they played and to set personal goals for the next game.

Learning how to play fair is perhaps the most important lesson a child can glean from participating in youth sports. According to SPARC, parents need to be actively involved in order to raise a good sport. 

They can do this by doing the following:
•    Giving kids emotional support and positive feedback.
•    Attending some games and talking about them afterward.
•    Having realistic expectations for your child.
•    Learning about the sport and supporting your child's involvement.
•    Allow your child talk with you about their experiences with the coach and other team members.
•    Helping your child handle disappointments and losing, and modelling respectful spectator behaviour.
The Three "Ps”. Just as they must practice spelling, math problems, and any other skill, kids need to learn that being part of a sports team requires the three "Ps”… practice, patience, and persistence. Whether it’s showing up to practice when you’d rather be home playing computer games, waiting your turn on the side-lines, or doing the same drill over and over again, the three "Ps” of team sports translate into important life lessons.
Basic Rules of the game:
The basic rules of netball are:
•    The game is played over four 15-minute quarters although this may vary according to each year level.
•     Each team starts with seven players on the court. Each player is assigned a position and is only allowed in designated areas of the court.
•     The game starts with a centre pass taken at the umpire’s whistle and is alternated after each goal is scored.
•     A goal is awarded when either the goal shooter or goal attack shoots a goal through the goal ring. One point is awarded for each goal with the object of the game to score more goals than the opposition
•     An opposing player must remain .9m (3 feet) from the player who has the ball. If a player invades this space, a penalty will be called by the referee.

Touch Rugby  The 2017 term 1 season has finished.