Knighton Normal School



Enrolment Requirements

All students enrolling at Knighton Normal School must have a copy of a NZ birth Certificate or passport.  This is required by the Ministry of Education to ensure eligibility to attend a New Zealand State school.

Caregivers will need to provide proof that they reside in the school zone - this can be in the form of a tenancy agreement, power account, phone account etc.  Your attention is drawn to the zoning restrictions that are in place and are detailed on this website.  However, you are welcome to apply for an out of zone enrolment as places may be available - OOZ Application Form.pdf

International students living in zone do not have automatic eligibility and will need to apply for enrolment.


We ask parents of new entrants to pre-enrol children at the school office, well before their fifth birthday, where possible. This assists us with class placements.

The school keeps a register of pre-school children in its area.
  Please keep the school updated with names of pre-school children living locally.  Please tell others about pre-enrolments and visits as we are not always able to contact people who do not already have an association with the school. 

New Entrant Open Mornings

Once a term we have an open morning in the new entrant area.  Senior staff outline the school’s philosophy and policies and give parents a chance to ask questions about life at school. This is also an opportunity for parents and caregivers of preschool children to see the new entrant classes in action.

Preschool Visits

We offer pre-school visits to help families with the transition to school from home or pre school.

Parents / caregivers are encouraged to bring their pre schoolers to school for two visits before their fifth birthday.  The children should be brought to school with a parent by 8:45 a.m. on the appointed morning.  Call at the office and one of the office staff will take you to the classroom.

New Entrants

New entrants have many adjustments to make in the transition from pre-school to school - the physical size of the school, the large number of people, a more structured day, eating and playing alongside others, and the increased level of effort expended in learning. Some children tire more readily than others. If your child tires easily and needs an earlier finishing time, this can be discussed with the teacher.

Te Hihiri

A Maori Language Partial Immersion Unit (Te Hihiri) operates within the school, however there is a waiting list for places in these classes.  Only children attending Knighton Normal School are eligible to be placed on the Te Hihiri waiting list.  A separate application form is required and available from the school office or download a copy here Te Hihiri Enrolment Form