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Te Hihiri

Te Hihiri

Knighton Normal School’s Partial Immersion Classes
Information for new whanau

The junior class caters for children from Year 0 to Year 2, the middle class Years 3 and 4 and the senior class caters for children from Year 5 to Year 6. The three classes aim to operate at 50 to 80% immersion. The unit was named by Nga Whakaaro Simon, a Kaumatua from Kirikiriroa Marae. The land that the school is situated on was once a Marae site. From the name of the marae, coupled with the likening of the tamariki to the ‘rays of the sun’ came the name of our building.

In Te Hihiri the tamariki are taught core curriculum subjects in English and Maori. Increasing levels of te reo are used in both content and instruction throughout the year groups, as appropriate to the age and abilities of the children. Up to 80% of delivery is in te reo Maori.

Nga Waihihi are a significant part of the school and integration between Te Hihiri and mainstream classes is regularly fostered.

     Te Whanau o Te Hihiri

The whanau plays an important role in the learning and success of tamariki.

Nga Tikanga

Tainuitanga is promoted within the classes. Karakia is an integral part of the Te Hihiri programme. All children within these classes are involved in Kapa Haka programme as part of their curriculum.

We have the same expectations of tamariki in these classes as we have of tamariki in any class. The progress of all children in literacy and numeracy is monitored carefully.