Knighton Normal School


Parent's Information

School Times

School starts at 9:00 am each week day morning and finishes at 3:00 pm.  We ask you to ensure that children are at school before 9:00 am so they have time to put their things away, read, chat with friends and help with any tasks in the classroom.

Unless children are involved in the Before School Programme we ask that they arrive at school after 8:30 pm.

Interval is from 10:40 am to 11:00 am and lunch is from 12:30 pm to 1:30 pm.

The school does not close early on wet days.

Absence Notification

All absences from school must be notified on the day of absence, either by a note, text, a message via our App or through a phone call to the office before 9.00 a.m.  We would like you to use the answer phone - 856 5393, or you can text a message to 027 352 2089. You can download our school App free, go to or search Knighton Normal School at the App Store or Play Store.

For safety reasons the school will contact home for explanation of an unexplained absence.

Children arriving late need to go to the "smiley face window" to get a late slip, before going to class.

Medical Information and Family Matters

Please notify us if your child has a health condition or if there is a family situation we should know about.  Confidentiality is maintained at all times.

Please note that medication will not be administered to children unless we hold a signed consent form. These are available from the school office or click here to download a form.

Online Shop

Payment for all school requirements is now available on line through our Kindo school shop.  
Click here to register using your email address, complete your child/ren's name and room numbers as Members, and select the items you wish to pay for.  Permission for trips etc is also requested when you pay so you don't need to fill in and return forms.  Items paid for will be sent to your child in their class and information passed on to your child's teacher.

School Donation

To assist with your child's school costs, the Board of Trustees requests an annual donation of $50 per child, or $100 per family.  These are tax deductible.

See 'Payments online' above.


All stationery requirements are available at the school and through bulk purchase we manage to keep the prices competitive. At the beginning of each year the class teachers will send home a stationery form which includes a $10 compulsory charge towards photocopied materials. 

Prompt payment is appreciated.  Exercise books and other stationery will only be issued following payment. Our preferred method tho receive all money to school is via our online Kindo shop - see above for details.

If you do not have internet access, payments can still made by eftpos at the school office or by enclosing cash/cheque in an old envelope with your return slip, marking it with your child's name, room number and activity and placing it in the Frog Box at the "smiley face window” or by Eftpos at the school office. See 'Payments online' above.


As part of the Knighton Sun Smart policy Sunsmart Policy accredited May 2016.docx , the Board of Trustees has approved a compulsory Knighton Sunhat which must be worn by children when outdoors in term one and term four.  The subsidised cost of these hats is $5 each and they are available for purchase from the school office "smiley face window".

We would appreciate you purchasing a hat for your child as soon as possible as our policy states that children not wearing these hats must spend their interval and lunchtimes in a designated shaded area.  We would much prefer they were exercising and enjoying playing with their friends at these times.

We would also prefer that the Knighton sunhat be left at school during term times to ensure it is available when needed.

School Banking

First Credit Union and ASB school banking kits are available from the school office.  Banking day at Knighton is Wednesday – all completed forms and books need to be placed in the appropriate banking box at the "smiley face window" before 9:00am Wednesday.  First Credit Union books will be returned to children each Friday.  Our school acts as an agent only for this service and any enquiries should be directed to First Credit Union Hamilton, phone 834 4810 or ASB on 0800 803 804. 


Senior School assemblies are held very Tuesday at 1:30pm, Middle School assemblies are on Fridays at 1.30pm and Junior School have their assemblies on Fridays at 9:10am.  There is also a full school assembly on the first and last day of each term.

These assemblies are organised by the class teachers and are a time for children to sing; show their work; present a class item and receive merit awards.

Parents are warmly invited to attend these assemblies.

Hearing and Vision Testing 

Vision Hearing Technicians from Community Services regularly visit our school. The objective of the visits is to identify previously undetected hearing and vision defects.

Which children are routinely checked?

·      catch up screening for children who have not completed hearing and vision checks as part of their B4 school check

·      children absent from previous visit, require re-tests or follow up

·      in special circumstances, parents, teachers or others may request a hearing or vision check new immigrants.

What tests are carried out?


·      audiometry – hearing test

·      tympanometry – middle ear function test (only carried out when hearing test is not within a normal range)


·      long distance vision tests – not a complete visual examination.


NB All these checks are non-invasive, safe and should cause no discomfort.


The Vision Hearing Technician will:

·       Notify parents of all test results and 
enter results on the Ministry of Education data base

·      The vision hearing technician will obtain personal details from the school i.e names, dates of birth, ethnicity.

·      If the technician needs to contact parents or caregivers following the visit, addresses and phone numbers will also be required.

·      Community services may share this information with other health professionals involved in the children’s care.


If any parent or caregiver does not want their child to be checked, or their child is currently under specialist care for a hearing or vision defect, they should let the technician know by leaving a message with the school.