Knighton Normal School


Parent's Information

Open Door Policy

We welcome parents at all times and plan for your active involvement in our programmes. If you would like to assist in classrooms please make arrangements through the class teachers.   

However, you may prefer to help by doing tasks around the school or at home, or by providing transport for class trips etc.  You may have special skills, hobbies, or experiences, which you would be happy to share with the school. Please let us know, and if we can incorporate you into the programme, we will contact you.

Regular functions are organised where parents are invited to the school e.g. dance displays, book displays, performances, sports days, fundraising ventures etc. Meetings are also held periodically on specific topics e.g. curriculum subjects and how they are taught. Meet the teacher evenings are held early in the year.

If you wish to discuss aspects of your child's progress with the teacher it is better to call in or phone and arrange a suitable time when he/she is free of classroom responsibilities.  Any serious complaint about an aspect of school life should be made to the Principal in terms of the Board of Trustees complaints policy.

Behaviour Management

We adopt a positive approach to behaviour management. There are a few rules children need to keep in mind. These relate to safety, making the best use of the opportunities offered at Knighton, interacting with others, not interfering with the learning of other students and aspects of basic courtesy. We have a policy of contacting parents at an early stage in our attempts to improve behaviour so that the approach is consistent at home and at school.

Reporting to Parents

During the year we offer two formal parent / teacher conversation times to discuss your child's progress. These conversations will be a sharing of information about learning, attitude, social, physical and emotional development, behaviour, relationships with others and progress in practical areas.  Two written reports are given out each year.  A mid year report covers progress towards National Standards.  The end of year report covers all learning areas.

Keeping Informed

The school sends out newsletters every Tuesday. Copies of all school newsletters, class notices, forms and permission slips are available on our this website in the "School Weekly Newsletters" and Miscellaneous Newsletters" folders. We also have a Community noticeboard in the hall foyer with notices relating to health, community events and out of school classes.

The Board of Trustees also sends out a community newsletter periodically.