Knighton Normal School


Parent's Information

Community Consultation

It is really important that as a school we have a partnership with our community and be responsive to its educational needs and wishes.

To ensure this happens we keep our community informed through:

*  School Information Booklet
*  Weekly newsletters
*  Board of Trustees and P.T.A. newsletters
*  School Charter and policies
*  B.O.T., P.T.A. and Whanau monthly meetings
*  Parent meetings
*  B.O.T. meeting minutes are available at the school office and on this website. 
*  Web page

Community Consultation and involvement will be sought by one or more of the following methods:

*  Questionnaires
*  Neighbourhood groups
*  Contact with B.O.T., P.T.A., Whanau and other school groups
*  Contact with Teachers, Deputy Principal, Assistant Principal and Principal
*  Sampling of our community
*  Return slips on newsletters and notices
*  Public meetings
*  Social functions
*  Special Open Days.

To assist the community consultation, the Board will ensure that:

*  Minutes of all Board of Trustees’ meetings are available from the school office
*  Board of Trustees’ meetings are always advertised and open
*  The Board of Trustees will present an Annual Report covering all aspects of the school’s  activities
*  The Board of Trustees will send home newsletters from time to time
*  The Board of Trustees’ members names and contact numbers will be freely available