Knighton Normal School


School Programmes

The Knighton English Language Learner’s Centre

The English Language Learners Centre at Knighton School has the reputation of providing ‘Best Practice’ at the Ministry of Education and in the wider community, and meets the learning needs of our non-English speaking students as well as helping integrate them into their classes and within the school.  It is staffed by well-qualified and experienced teachers and tutors.

We are proud of the multicultural nature at Knighton School and it is a place where cultures are respected, valued and celebrated. The number of students who are English language learners is approximately one third of the roll and this contributes to our classrooms and playgrounds being vibrant and interesting places.

The English Language Learners Centre (ELL) is well resourced, and its teaching spaces provide an attractive, welcoming environment for students and their parents.

The ELL Centre supports students with their oral language, literacy and curriculum development, as well as assisting them make friends and succeed socially in school life.  It is a place where they can achieve in a stress-free and supportive atmosphere.

Parents can be assured that there is a dedicated centre at Knighton with programmes that will support their children, and where they can obtain information about education in New Zealand.

The ELL Centre provides classroom teachers with information and resources for their own programmes to support their English Language learners.

It also provides information about cultural events which may be celebrated by our students such as Id, Diwali, Chinese New Year etc, and promotes the annual Cultural Festival.

The ELL Centre teachers provide pastoral care for students, and can liaise between teachers, home, and other agencies.