Knighton Normal School


School Programmes

Special Programmes

Knighton offers a range of programmes over and above those offered in the classrooms.

Programmes offered cater for children with learning difficulties but also for those children identified as having special abilities in certain areas.

Children are identified, using a variety of different methods, to take part in specific programmes designed to meet their identified learning needs. 

Some programmes are taught by the class teacher, others by Learning Assistants and others by Specialist teachers. We also offer programmes supported by outside agencies such as Group Special Education and Resource Teachers for Learning and Behaviour

Programmes are taught within the classroom but also by withdrawing individual or groups of children.

These programmes include:

•    Reading Recovery

•    English as Second Language
•    Cross grouping in Senior school for Maths
•    Oral language and writing groups in our Literacy Centre

•    Learning Assistants working in classrooms with children in Maths,
      Reading and Oral Language
•    Orchestral and choral groups
•    Kapahaka