Knighton Normal School


School Programmes

 Thinking Skills

At Knighton, we work with our children to develop the skills they will need to be successful life long learners.  The children are explicitly taught strategies to guide their thinking in a variety of ways across all curriculum areas.

We teach children the skills and processes to ask relevant questions or identify/pose problems, find information, analyse and interpret information, and use the information gathered for a purpose, e.g. To solve a problem or answer a question or initiate some kind of social action.

The Solo Model is the foundation of our approach to thinking at Knighton. The Solo Model links together many individual thinking strategies, such as Tony Ryan’s Thinkers Keys, De Bono’s 6 hats and Blooms Taxonomy.  Our children learn to use a variety of graphic organisers appropriately to help order their thinking, guide their research and analyse possible outcomes.

A  common language of thinking is used throughout our school to empower the children in their understanding of what they are doing and support them in transferring their knowledge to new situations.