Knighton Normal School

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Enrolment Zone

Start at the intersection of Cobham Drive (SH1) and Cambridge Road.
Track west along Cobham Drive as far as Grey Street, and turn north to include all addresses on Grey Street up to and including 418 and 449.
Turn east into Clyde Street to include all addresses on Clyde Street and Kelvin Place.
At the corner of Clyde Street and Old Farm Road, follow Old Farm Road (all addresses included) as far north as Wairere Drive and track north to Ruakura Road.
The boundary then tracks east along Ruakura Road and turns south along Silverdale Road and Hillcrest Road.
The boundary continues south down Cambridge Road, to include all addresses, and return to the starting point of the intersection of Cambridge Road and Cobham Drive (SH1).

All students within the area described here and shown in the above map are entitled to enrol at Knighton Normal School.

You are welcome to apply for an out of zone enrolment as places may be available - Out of Zone Application Form.  The ballot for term 4, 2020 will be held 11th September 2020.  Applications must be received by 10th September.  The Out of Zone ballot for 2021 enrolments will be held on 26th October 2020.

You can open the file using Adobe Acrobat Reader Enrolment Zone Map.pdf