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Online Shop

Payment for all school requirements is available on line through our Kindo school shop. 

Click here to register. Use your email address to register your child/ren's name and room number/s as separate 'Members'.

Permission for trips, activities, sports etc is also requested as you pay, therefore you don't need to fill in and return extra forms to the school.  Items paid for will be sent to your child in their class and confirmation of payments will be passed on to your child's teacher, sports co-ordinator etc.

Thank you to those families who have previously used our myKindo online shop to pay for stationery, Knighton hats, sports fees etc 


Here are some links to help quickly update your account details …

If you haven't already got an account with myKindo,
now is a great time to set one up.

Simply click here then choose  ‘Create Account’:

  • Register your child/ren using your email address to log in 

  • List your children’s names and room numbers.

  • Your family login will be saved for future payments.