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Our School Values drive how we treat people at Knighton Normal School.  

Auahatanga ~ Creativity

We believe it is important for children to have opportunities to be unique and practice the art of being creative.  We believe they can do this by:

  • Learning that mistakes are part of learning.

  • Having opportunities to discover their strengths or interests.

  • Giving opportunities to be involved in the day to day life of the school.

  • Valuing the arts.  Providing a holistic integrated curriculum.

  • Allowing children to take risks with their learning in a safe, caring environment.  

  • Listening to student voice.

  • Focussing on having fun with our learning.  

  • Acknowledging the process, not just the product.  

  • Feel safe to share different ideas and take risks. 

Being encouraged to use our initiative and innovate.   

Angituu ~ Success

We believe that success for all comes back to the importance of knowing each child as an individual.  We want every child to find their strength, passion and talents.   

- Shared vision of what success looks like at KNS.  

- Recognising everyone is unique-  valuing diversity in culture, personality and experiences.  

- Showing your care and support.

- The power of ‘doing their best’.

- Celebrating success.

- Finding your passion.  

- Providing multiple opportunities in a range of areas-  Academic, Sporting, Service and Cultural.  

- Striving to do our ‘best’.

- Having high expectations.  

Manawaroa ~ Resilience

We believe developing resilience is about providing opportunities for children to “fail successfully” within a supportive environment that allows them to grow and move forward with new knowledge and understanding.

  • Growth Mindset.

  • Value and recognise effort.  

  • Discuss what strategies we can use if we are stuck.

  • Learn from mistakes- expected, respected, inspected, corrected.  

  • Becoming self aware.

  • Knowing what to do when things get tough.  

  • Pushing our comfort zones.  

  • Kia Kaha, can do attitude, accept challenges and disappointments, self belief, manawanui.

  • Knowing who can help us and knowing we are not alone

Tuurangawaewae ~ Belonging

We want every child to feel a part of Knighton Normal School.  To know what makes KNS special and how they can contribute to the daily life of the school.  We are whaanau.  

- Valuing and accepting others.  

- Celebrating diversity.  

- Inform, Engage, Involve.

- School Events.

- Positive Relationships- ‘knowing each other’.

- Taking on Leadership and Responsibilities around the school. 

- Feel accepted / Friendships.

- My culture and background is celebrated.  

- Learning skills for building and maintaining relationships.  

- KNS is a safe place to learn and have fun.  

- Power of a TEAM.  

Accepting ourselves, being independent, being socially responsible, playing by rules, thinking first, confident, inclusiveness


At Knighton developing, acknowledging and promoting hauora within our kura and community is a shared responsibility. We believe that hauora encompasses physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well being.

  1. Taha tinana – physical well being

  2. Taha hinengaro – mental and emotional well being

  3. Taha whanau – social well being

  4. Taha wairua –spiritual well being

  • Know how to make positive choices for my well-being.  

  • We are all in this together.  

  • Every child needs a hero.

  • Meeting the needs of our children.  

  • Mindfulness.

  • Developing awareness of breath

  • Creating balance in our lives. 

Whakaute ~ Respect

Respect underpins every interaction at Knighton. 

  • Understanding the power of manners and respecting your elders.  

  • Where all voices are heard.

  • Respect for self, others and the environment.  

  • Having empathy for others-  

  • We have the opportunity to make someone's day with what we say and do.  

  • Equity for all.  

  • Valuing yourself and others.  

  • The power of active listening.