Knighton Normal School

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Principal's Message

What do you want for your child’s future?

At Knighton Normal School we believe it is our role to provide a wide range of opportunities so that our learners can find their talents, passions and interests.  We believe this can be a life changing experience. 

We have an exceptional team of talented staff who work hard to build quality relationships with our community and provide multiple pathways for our learners, whether they be academic, sporting, service or cultural. 

We are fortunate to have over 51 nationalities represented at our school.  What an opportunity for our learners to practice the skills of being true global citizens. 

Sir Ken Robinson believes education is "to enable students to understand the world around them, and the talents within them, so that they can become fulfilled individuals and active, compassionate citizens.”  This is a philosophy that aligns to our thinking at Knighton Normal School. 

I would love to meet with you and have the opportunity to show you around our awesome learning environment. 

Stuart Armistead                                                                                        
MEd (Educational Leadership), BEd, Dip T, PG Cert Information Studies.
Chairman Normal and Model School Association New Zealand.