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Knighton School Cancellations: We send out an alert on our school App, leave a message on our answer phone - 856 5393 - and tell the children by 2:00 pm if sports practices are cancelled or our grounds are closed.

We ask that ALL sports coaches let the school office know, by phoning 856 5399, before 2:00 pm if they are cancelling a sports practice so that we can tell children, put a message on the answer phone and send out a message on the school App.  

Our school App can be downloaded for free.  Simply download 'SchoolappsNZ' from the Google Play or App Store and search Knighton Normal School once installed.

Sometimes if we have had a lot of rain, our school grounds are closed even if the weather is fine. Therefore it would pay you to check our answer phone each day after 2:00 pm during the winter if your child has a sports practice.

Game Draws and Results

Cricket is played in terms 1 and 4.  The weekly cricket draw and game cancellations can be accessed on the Hamilton Cricket website,

Inline Hockey
  We have Inline hockey teams playing each term. The draw can be seen  on or here

Touch Rugby  is played in terms 1 and 4.  You can access the game times at

Miniball    We enter miniball teams to play in the term 2 and 3 seasons. Click on the following link to check the weekly game draw

Each year we have several Football teams that are co-ordinated by Stephen Hine of the Knighton Junior Football Club.  Coaches and/or managers will notify families of game times and locations.  (Winter sport only).

For the weekly Hockey draw, during the winter season, go to   From this page click on 'mini' at the top of the page and then go the 'draws' link on that page. 

The Netball  season runs from mid May - end August.  You can access the weekly game times and results during the season, at click on Fixtures/Results