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Student Councillors

“Helping to make Knighton Normal School an even greater place to be”.

The Knighton Normal School Student Council was set up in 2006 and is now an integral part of the running of our school. The purpose for having a Student Council was to empower the students by giving them a real voice and real responsibility in the running of the school where appropriate.

Each class in the senior school elects two students to represent their class on the student council. Elections are held at the beginning of the year and in term three. This means a large number of our senior students get to serve on the council.

The specific objectives of the Student Council include:

  • To provide a forum where matters/concerns relating to the effective running of the school can be communicated between staff and students.
  • To provide a forum where students can work alongside staff in the planning of programmes run in the school that will benefit the students.
  • For students to be given an opportunity to provide a service for the wider school and community on a regular basis.
  • To actively develop in a wide range of students appropriate and effective
    leadership skills.